Denversnowplan.com makes waiting for snow plows slightly less sucky

With snow expected to continue falling into tomorrow, Denver's streets are going to be gunky mess for good while to come.

Thankfully, Denver Public Works recently rolled out Denversnowplan.com, its fancy new snow-removal website that, while it doesn't speed up those plows, will make the wait for them slightly less frustrating.

The site features regularly updated snow condition and plowing updates. At 1 p.m. Monday, for example, the site reported that light snow was falling, heavy plows were tackling main streets and the city's light plows (pick-ups with plow mounts) were holding off from hitting residential thoroughfares.

There's other info, too, like a step-by-step guide to the city's snow removal strategies, de-icing suggestions, sidewalk-shoveling rules, trash and recycling tips and links to weather and traffic updates. There are even ideas on how you can help and get to know your neighbors during winter storms.

It looks pretty good, though it's missing an important feature: The ability to remotely control a city plow, so you could steer it straight to your snow-clogged street. DPW, please make this happen.

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