Deputy Isaac Nail After Being Asked Why He Hit and Ran: "That's a Good Question"

Corrections deputy Isaac Nail has been a member of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office for nearly twenty years, having started with the organization in November 1995.

But a recent release from the sheriff's office isn't about his many years of service.

Instead, it deals with a hit-and-run accident for which he received a citation in regard to multiple allegations, including leaving the scene.

After that, he reportedly waited for authorities while sipping an energy drink.

The reason mentioned for the crash: Nail was apparently distracted by his pager going off.

According to the LCSO, the incident took place on March 29 in Loveland. Nail was driving to work in his personal vehicle, a pickup.

But he was wearing his uniform when he plowed through three fences and then drove away.

7News reports that one of the fences belonged to Steven Guardado, who told the station that had Nail arrived two minutes earlier, he would have hit his seven-month-old daughter.

Guardado responded by dialing 911 and then following Nail to a home a couple of blocks away.

There, Nail is said to have parked his truck in the driveway, gone inside to change into civilian clothes, and then waited outside for Loveland police officers to show up while sipping a Powerade.

The police report in the case quotes Nail as saying he'd been on the way to work when his pager had gone off, prompting the wreckage.

When asked why he'd left the scene, he's quoted as responding, "That's a good question."

He also mentioned the possibility that medication he'd been taking could have been a factor in what went down, although he passed a field sobriety test.

Nonetheless, he received a citation listing careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident after striking property and failure to notify police about a crash.

The LCSO notes that Nail "took leave time" the evening of the accident, and he will remain off the job until the investigation is complete. Meanwhile, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith,. who recently appeared here as a plaintiff in a marijuana lawsuit that aims to kill Amendment 64, posted his own take about the accident on his Facebook page. It reads:
Very concerned, disappointed and upset.

That is the only way that I can describe my reaction to the reports that we received over the last 24 hours of an off-duty LCSO employee fleeing the scene after being involved in a property damage crash in Loveland [Sunday].

The Loveland Police Department responded and investigated the circumstances last night. The LPD is the appropriate agency to answer the questions about what their investigation revealed and what actions they took. At this point, we need to make sure we are acting on substantiated facts.

However, based on the reports that I have received, I am very disturbed.

The employee has been immediately place on paid leave while we conduct our investigation. I expect it to be completely in a matter of days, not weeks.

We will hold our employees to the highest of standards of behavior. I can assure the public that our actions in this matter will be swift, decisive and fair.
Here's the aforementioned 7News report.

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