Devon Flores, new father, reportedly killed outside Littleton party (47)

After an incredibly deadly week marked by the quintuple homicide at Fero's Bar & Grille and the arrest of Ari Misha Liggett for the dismemberment murder of his mom, metro-area residents deserved a violence-free weekend. But no: Late Friday night, gunfire broke out in Littleton, reportedly killing Devon Flores, an eighteen year old reported to be a new father. According to CBS4, a house party for a fifteen-year-old girl's birthday took place Friday night on the 5400 block of South Fox Street in Littleton, not far from the intersection of Broadway and Belleview. By coincidence, another party was also taking place nearby.

Before long, the birthday bash is said to have gotten out of hand, with a number of guests ejected. Shortly thereafter, an altercation erupted in the street outside, with likely involvement from people attending both gatherings. The sound of bullets firing followed, with two people hit.

Littleton authorities have not officially identified the victims, but people at the scene told CBS4 one of them was Flores, whose first child had come along a few months ago, and a seventeen year old who survived the attack.

At this point, the Littleton Police Department has not released any information about a possible suspect or suspects. If you have any information about this crime, call the detective division at 303-795-3890.

Look below to see the CBS4 report, as well as an interactive graphic showing the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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