Diana DeGette's "chattering class"

Diana DeGette wants to be Colorado's first female Senator - maybe - but Denver's U.S. Representative has gone about making that known in a strangely blunt and abrasive way, namely by calling out Governor Bill Ritter, who will choose a a new one, and by bashing the "chattering class."

In a video posted in various places on the Internet, DeGette says, "Colorado has never had a woman senator or a woman governor, and so, in a way, this is the perfect time... And the other thing I will say is I don't think that the press, or the chattering class, seriously consider any of the women candidates."

So who, exactly, is the "chattering class?"

Defined by www.jargondatabase.com as "a loose-knit consortium of journalists, politicians and political operatives who fancy themselves as agenda setters and the architects of the conventional wisdom," it's a mostly derogatory word that also includes bloggers, academics, pols and pundits who, um, chat.

DeGette might want to be more careful when she disparages the chattering class, however. After all, many of her constituents and contributors are card-carrying members. I have broken down the chattering class (below) by their means of transportation, how much they donate to Democrats like DeGette and their chattering method.

The Volvo Class $1,000 and above Chatter at fundraisers, charity events and in condos in Vail Baby boomers and older, these are the folks who still hold much of the political power in Denver. Many have bad Gary Hart/Pat Schroeder haircuts left over from the '70s and refuse to color their gray or gray-streaked hair. Their Volvos, parked around Congress Park, Hilltop and Park Hill, sport faded Michael Dukakis stickers and new Obama ones.

The Subaru and Golden Retriever Class (also known as the REI class) Up to $1,000 Chatter at PTSA meetings, dinner parties, letters to the editors and online Former Gen Xers who moved from Wash Park to Stapleton after having families, their Subarau bumpers feature old Kerry/Edwards stickers and new Obama ones.

The Prius in the Winter/Scooter in the Summer Class Up to $500 Chatter on blogs, Facebook and at live music venues Very young families or singles who live in Curtis Park, Northwest Denver, Five Points and are fixing up old historic homes and gentrifying neighborhoods. They can only afford to donate a couple hundred bucks, but many expended sweat equity by volunteering or holding auctions to raise money for the Obama campaign. Obama bumper stickers.

The Bicycle Class $25 Chatter on blogs, Twitter and in coffee shops (if they feel like having face-to-face interaction) College students, baristas, nonprofit employees, they live in apartments in Capitol Hill and ride their bikes to work. This was their first election and it turned out well for them. Since they don't have cars, they have tattooed Obama's names on their ankles and shoulder blades. -- Jonathan Shikes

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