Dick Wadhams portrayed as Hitler in new pro-John Hickenlooper video: Typecasting?

Colorado Republican Party chieftain Dick Wadhams is a guy who loves getting under the skin of his opponents, as in this interview, when he gleefully danced on Bill Ritter's political grave. As such, he should take it as a compliment that a new (and thoroughly unofficial) pro-John Hickenlooper video, on view above, essentially casts him as Hitler.

The footage, taken from the 2004 movie Downfall, has been getting a real workout lately, having been used just last week in a clip that tweaked Democrats in the wake of Scott Brown Senate victory in Massachusetts. But the Hick spot is still pretty funny, with Wadhams and company getting needled for their invention of the lame "Hickenritter" nickname, among plenty of other things. And that's not to mention a special appearance by Scott McInnis's (alleged) hair plugs.

The next move is yours, Mr. Wadhams.

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