Dick Wadhams-Wendy Evans wedding shakeup: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

The anti-incumbent mood of last weekend's state Republican Assembly may spread to this weekend's wedding of party chairman Dick Wadhams to Wendy Evans...

As seen above, Evergreen businessman Dan Maes, who cultivated Tea Party support to gain top gubernatorial primary ballot placement, will no doubt score another shocking upset when he edges out Scott McInnis for the position of Best Man.

Below, see how Jane Norton's secret schemes and some stray pussies provide the biggest wedding surprise...

Former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton will be using the petition process in her effort to join bridesmaids Edie Marks, Monica Owens and Cinamon Watson, who will each carry a Spayed Stray Bouquet in honor of bride Wendy Evans's years of service as secretary of the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance. The cattiest behavior will remain outside the church... Energized by their recent power to overstate the obvious and organize the oblivious, the Northern Colorado Tea Party and the Loveland 9.12ers will stage a noisy protest outside of the wedding chapel to protest Dick Wadhams's arrogance and political status quo.

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