Dig into new zoning regulations the fast, easy way!

Zoning code is not sexy. It is not fun. And no one cares about it until it stops them from building the deck they always dreamed of or allows a developer to build a combination McDonald's/hi-rise condo that blocks the view out of their bedroom window -- i.e., when it's too late. But Denver is in the midst of a years-long re-zoning project, and the city has gone all out to inform people without forcing them to attend interminably long meetings and track down hard copies of the proposed code.

At newcodedenver.org, you can submit comments and questions, check out the proposed code, watch video blogs about it and find out when and where those traditional, interminable meetings are scheduled. It's a pretty spiffy -- if somewhat vanilla-looking -- website that makes a dry, unengaging subject easy to access from the comfort of home. And it seems to be working: The counter on the home page reports that the site has had twice as many visitors (almost 5,800) as people who have attended the actual zoning meetings (less than 2,900). With something as important -- if ultimately not that sexy -- as zoning laws, getting more people involved is always a good thing. And since that's ultimately you, why not go check it out before your neighbor starts building a coal-fired plant under a new mixed-used provision.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.