Ding-dong ditchers prompt spy-cam garden globes: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Figure 61. Windsor: Neighbor traumatized by blatant bell bangers.

The garden globes pictured above hint at trouble in paradise. Typically these orbs are called gazing globes: They are made from glass or metal and placed in the center of a garden to reflect the colors of the plants and sky. That these two are made of stealthy black plastic and positioned in gravel beds up against the house hints that these orbs are in fact the security cameras needed by a homeowner harassed by ding-dong ditchers.

The placement of a 19th century farm bell at the front door indicates how this yard artist may have brought the problem on himself. Traditionally, farm bells were used to call farmers from their fields and designed to carry sound a mile or more. Today, they are only used to summon impromptu deposits in a napper's adult diapers. Adding security cameras instead of just moving the bell to the backyard suggests that the residents of this home are prepared to ring your bell if you ring theirs.

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