Dispatch from pedicab nation, featuring Jennifer Aniston

Ever since I penned a story about Steve Meyer, the guy behind the local rickshaw companies Main Street Pedicabs and Mile High Pedicabs, not to mention one of the leading pedicab gurus anywhere, he's been sending irregular updates on the state of his three-wheeled, pedal-powered industry -- and a recent correspondence I received from him highlighted a couple big developments.

Meyer reports that New York City is considering regulation for its 1,000 pedicabs. The move's apparently backed by local pedicab trade association, though if the taxi interests have their way, the rules could include strict new tenets like requiring mandatory drug tests and barring pedicabs from accepting hails from the street. It's enough to get Forbes libertarian columnist Richard Epstein in a tizzy, worrying that it could lead to enforced government monopolies.

In other news, Meyers says pedicabs will be in a new film featuring Jennifer Aniston, a photo from which appears above. In other words, we're using this development as a flimsy excuse to post a photo of lovely Ms. Aniston. No need to thank us.

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