Divulge your inner freak, take the 2011 Westword Sex Survey

Inspired by this week's cover story, "Kink of the Jungle," Westword's crack team of researchers got to thinking about the collective hang-ups, preferences and opinions of related to the sex lives of Coloradans -- and we've put together a survey to learn more. Don't worry, it's anonymous. We're interested in data gathering, not outing anyone for preferring one sexual position over another. A few sample questions are below.

5. At Denver International Airport, what's the farthest you've gone? (Open definitions)
"First base"
"Second base"
"Third base"
"All the way, baby."

14. We're all in the Mile High Club, natch. But what is the highest elevation (on land) at which you've had sex?
5,280 feet
8,000 feet
11,000 feet
14,000 feet and above

25. If Denver or Colorado deserved a sexual position named after it, what would it be?

Take the full, thirty-question survey by clicking on this link: Mile High Club: The 2011 Westword Sex Survey

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