Dixie Elixirs: Colorado medical marijuana soda company gets fizzy facelift

Denver-based Dixie Elixirs & Medibles has been producing medical marijuana-infused sodas since 2009, but recently the company decided it was time for a facelift. Last month, the company unveiled seven new flavors of its THC bubbly: Sparkling Pomegranate, Sparkling Mandarin, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Blueberry, Sparkling Red Currant, Sparkling Peach and Old Fashioned Sarsaparilla.

Up till then, the label had only been offering plain-Jane flavors such as lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape and root beer.

Dixie Elixirs has also adopted a new logo, launched a new ad campaign, rolled out re-branded product packaging featuring medicinal reporting and high-tech QR bar-coding, released a THC food line and retained the services of Vladimir Jones, one of Denver's most prominent PR firms.

Have the changes made a difference? Dixie Elixers reps note they've been mentioned in Time magazine twice in two months, and that they will soon be featured on CNBC's Squawk Box business program.

Impressive, but one important question still remains: Does the stuff actually taste good?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.