DNC crowds overwhelm 16th Street Mall shuttles

The Rocky Mountain News' front-page headline described the mobs that have descended on the 16th Street Mall as a "hundred-year flood of humanity," and that's about right. How packed with people is the area? Yesterday, I walked from Westword's offices, at approximately 10th and Broadway, to the mall with the intention of catching the shuttle to Market and then walking down to the Pepsi Center. After two stops, however, I decided the vehicle was having to move so slowly due to all of the pedestrians of various stripes in the area that I'd make better time walking -- and oh man, was I right. Not only did I outdistance the bus on which I'd initially been riding. I actually passed the one in front of it. On foot. And I may be many things, but I'm not Usain Bolt. -- Michael Roberts

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Joe Tone
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