Dog-friendly businesses face the dog days of summer

"Have you ever wondered why you are required by law to keep [dogs] under control, but people are not required to keep their children under control around us?"

You have?

Well, here's the answer: Because they're fucking dogs!

Children are people. Dogs are animals. Dogs are not people.

It's an easy concept, but not one appreciated by Red Rocks Community College teacher Cara Summerfield, who posed the question above and has created, a new website that helps people who think dogs are human find local businesses that are "dog-friendly."

"Due to the recent news I heard from Home Depot about canceling their dog-friendly policy, I decided it was time to fight against these rigid rules," she explains in an email. "I designed a website for dog owners who love to take their dogs everywhere with them."

Businesses are encouraged to sign up and sign on. While listings are free, voluntary donations are being accepted; a quarter of that will go to Table Mountain Animal Shelter.

The Home Depot policy she is referring to has to do with an incident earlier this month, reported on by Channel 7, in which a dog at the store in Glendale allegedly bit a toddler.

Hey, I don't mind animals. They look great in nature and at the zoo, and if people want to keep them as pets in their homes, where their barking and crotch-sniffing and biting and general stinkiness can be appreciated by those who love them, that's great.

Just keep them out of my coffee shop (and my hardware shop). In fact, that may be the real use for this website -- which so far only has a handful of businesses listed, mostly around 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street. It's a list of place that I now know to avoid.

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