Dome repair to be financed by State Capitol condo project: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

Poor old, dear old, sad old Hank Brown. As the last remaining likable Republican in Colorado, it has fallen on the former senator to hit the street and put a positive spin on the controversial State Capitol dome repair project... The dome of the State Capitol building has been in dire need of repair for over a decade. Brilliant repair suggestions have been offered over time, but they've largely been ignored by power-hungry legislators.

With the legislature having to cut one billion dollars from the 2011-2012 state budget, it was only be a matter of time before Business-Governor Hickenlooper would recommend that the dome repairs be included in a real estate development project.

As shown above, Hank Brown has agreed to continuously spin the project until half of the units in myDOMEhome.com have been sold. Below, an artist's rendering shows the full buildout of the real estate project... As pictured above, the Luxury Loft Residences at the Colorado State Capitol will be designed with little regard to the adjacent state house. The residential buildings will be constructed quickly out of cheap materials and will look like all the rest of the crap that is being built in every neighborhood of every city in America at this time.

Proceeds from sales of the loft units will pay for the repair of the 125-year-old dome, which will be turned into a private party room for the residents and guests of the Colorado State Capitol Luxury Loft Residences.

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