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Big photo below.

Dominique Redwood tracked to light-rail sex assault after selling victim's cell phone

How did police locate Dominique Redwood, who's just been convicted of sexual assault and more in relation to a brutal daylight incident at a light-rail station?

By tracing the victim's phone, which was found to contain the number of the man who called himself "Baby Showkase."

According to the statement of probable cause, on view below in its entirety, the 23-year-old victim was on her way to work at around 8:20 a.m. on March 6, 2011, when she departed the light rail at the Belleview Station on South Quebec. As she walked toward the elevator, she noticed a man later identified as Redwood trailing her at a quick rate of speed.

An instant later, the report says, Redwood grabbed her, ordered her into the elevator at knife point, took her cell phone and wallet and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

After the act was completed (the victim spat the ejaculate onto the elevator floor), Redwood led the victim down the stairs and ordered her to leave.

Upon her departure, the victim contacted her boyfriend and later went to the Medical Center of Aurora, where she reached out to police. During a subsequent interview, she told the cops that her boyfriend had called her old phone and a man had answered -- but not Redwood. Rather, it was someone who said he'd just bought the phone from a "black guy."

Detectives promptly traced the phone to a vehicle parked on South Colorado Boulevard, then drew a bead on the car's owner. Once the owner was pinpointed, he revealed that he'd purchased the phone for $20 from a man whose number he had stored in the device. Those digits corresponded to none other than Baby Showkase.

By March 9, the Denver Police fugitive unit had lassoed Redwood, who initially denied that he'd encountered the victim at the light-rail station. But before long, he concocted a story about approaching the woman with a prostitution deal by way of explaining the oral sex in the elevator.

Upon being confronted with surveillance photos from the station, Redwood allegedly changed his story again. This time, he admitted stealing the phone, because he needed money, and conceded that he'd made the victim take off her shirt and perform oral sex on him. He added that after stepping out of the elevator, he noticed a car approaching -- so he grabbed the victim and directed her down the stairs to prevent her from squealing on him.

Redwood also claimed that he only took $5 from the victim's wallet before tossing it out, and insisted that he'd sold the phone for $100 -- five times the amount the seller said he'd paid.

Presumably, such inconsistencies didn't impress a jury of his peers, who convicted him of second-degree kidnapping, sexual assault and aggravated robbery. A sentencing date will be set at a hearing next month.

Look below to see a larger version of Redwood's mug shot, as well as the aforementioned probable cause statement.

Dominique Redwood.
Dominique Redwood.
Dominique Redwood Probable Cause Statement

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