Donald Trump Slays GLBT Muslim Libtard Dragon on Colorado Billboard

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has big problems with Colorado's marijuana laws — and as a recent open letter to Trump shared in this space makes clear, not everyone in these parts is down with what comedian Andy Jett describes as his "xenophobic, irrational perspective on immigration."

But he's got a big fan in Grand Junction resident  Arvid Mosmes, who has just put up a billboard on his highway-adjacent property depicting Trump as a white knight slaying a dragon covered with references to government agencies, countries, gays and lesbians, a religious faith and more.

As noted by KREX-TV, Grand Junction has dealt with billboard controversies before. Back in 2010, a billboard depicted President Barack Obama in ways that some viewers found racist.

Here's a look at an image from that billboard.

The artist who created the Obama billboard is Paul Snover, who also did the honors for the Trump display, entitled "Donald the Dragon Slayer."

The image shows Trump in white armor wielding a sword labeled "Constitution."

The dragon, meanwhile, has a series of labels on his belly, wings and scales.

References are made to "PC," "Muslims," "Libtards," "NSA," "FEMA," "IRS," "Iran" and "GLBT," among many others.

During the unveiling of the billboard, Mosmes wore a hat with a Confederate flag on it, and an actual flag with this design flew nearby.

At this writing, Trump doesn't appear to have commented on this tribute, which is definitely as non-PC as he is.

Here's the KREX-TV report.

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