Don't overshare, Michelle Obama

Barack looks pretty needy in this shot.

Yesterday, I, like untold thousands of other Americans on Barack Obama's e-mail list, received a message from his wife, Michelle. The subject line read, "What Barack needs."

No, I didn't open it -- because there are things between a husband and wife that are best kept private, missy! I don't want you to tell me what Barack "needs" just as I don't want my wife to tell you and the entire American population what I need. I'm sure you wouldn't judge, but I can't vouch for everyone else -- and if any of them did, it might not be nearly as much fun the next time I dressed up like a lion-tamer. So from here on out, you keep what Barack needs to yourself, and we'll do likewise. Let's keep our relationship on a need-to-know basis. -- Michael Roberts

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