Don't shoot at Dog the Bounty Hunter, lowlife criminal scum!

Last night, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Duane "Dog" Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, star of a reality show on A&E and at least one quasi-tribute in Westword, was in pursuit of 35-year-old Hoang Nguyen, whose bond had been revoked, when Nguyen took a shot at him and bail bondsman Bobby Brown. No one was hurt, but one tragedy did occur: The film crew trailing Dog reportedly failed to capture footage of the incident. What's the point of having a camera following you 24/7 if they don't get video of the good stuff?

Those commenting on the aforementioned Gazette story to date are split on whether Dog's escape constitutes stop-the-presses treatment. The first poster, cos007, wrote, "The Gazette continues to go downhill. The top story is about Obama betraying this country and yet the online Gazette put this dumb story at the top of the news!" To that, someone going by the name Groundhog replies, "Dog is cool. He makes mistakes. Don't we all. He's out there gettin shot at and all he is legal to have is bear mace."

Watch out, Gentle Ben. Dog's got some aggression to work out...

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