Dougherty gang arrests: Ryan, Lee and Dylan reported busted after Southern Colorado chase

Update: Well, that was fast. Authorities have just revealed that all three members of the so-called Dougherty gang were captured south of Pueblo. And sometime stripper Lee Grace Dougherty, her brother Ryan Dougherty, who has the lengthiest rap sheet, and their half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, the white sheep of the family, didn't go quietly.

Thus far, information is sketchy about the capture of the alleged participants in a high-speed chase with a Florida officer and an armed robbery in Georgia a few hours later. According to the Denver Post, the trio led officers on a twenty-mile-plus sprint along Highway 74 that ended near Walsenberg, with shots fired along the way, just as they were in Florida. However, no one was reported injured in the arrests.

We'll update this post when we get more information. Look below for our earlier coverage.

Original item, 8:48 a.m. August 10: The mountains of Colorado are now ground zero in what's arguably the FBI's top-priority case -- the search for the Daugherty gang, a brother-sister-half-brother combo wanted for bank robbery and attempted murder. And judging by their reported purchase of a tent at a Colorado Springs REI, they may be planning to hole up in the Rockies.

Ryan Edward Dougherty isn't exactly a stranger to law enforcement, with a reported fourteen felony arrests. By comparison, his sister, Lee Grace Dougherty, who worked part-time as a stripper, is a relative piker: Her rap sheet shows only five busts, for allegations topped by hit and run. That makes Dylan Dougherty Stanley, their half-brother, the white sheep of the family in comparison.

What prompted the trio's recent crime spree? There's speculation it was spurred by Ryan being required to register as a sex offender for sending explicit text messages to an eleven-year-old girl. In the meantime, he's been involved in a relationship with a woman who calls herself Allie O'Love on her Facebook page. Her current profile picture features her mugging with Ryan:

Turns out Allie is pregnant with Ryan's baby -- she writes on Facebook that she's due in January -- and authorities think Ryan's fear that his sex-offender status might prevent him from seeing the baby led to their latest actions.

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Such as? Cut to 7 a.m. August 2 in the vicinity of Zephyrhills, Florida, where the FBI believes the trio led a police officer on a wild chase while shooting at his vehicle, which was eventually disabled by the gunfire. Then, a few hours later, the feds say they busted into the Certus Bank in Valdosta, Georgia. After firing shots into the ceiling and instructing all the customers and employees present to hit the deck -- at least one of the robbers packed an assault rifle, while another had what looks in surveillance footage like a machine pistol -- they collected an unspecified amount of cash and hit the road.

Apparently, they headed west. Witnesses at an REI in Colorado Springs are sure they stopped in to buy a tent. That could mean they're going to ground nearby -- or were thinking about doing so before the latest eruption of publicity about the search for them.

Look below to see photos of the trio provided by the FBI, as well as a shot of a car like the one they were last seen driving: a white, four-door Subaru Impreza. That's followed by a Good Morning America report about the hunt.

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