Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Gary Brooks Faulkner are the Bounty Brothers: Kenny Be's Fotochop Fridays

Move over Blues Brothers, Colorado's Bounty Brothers are traveling the world to clean up the criminal element for Christ! For over a decade, Gary Brooks Faulkner and Duane 'Dog' Chapman had worked the crime circuits of Mexico and Pakistan, hunting for separate scofflaws. Each was a seasoned veteran of bounty-huntertainment when they paired up to produce an album of their shared spirit. While there are hints of pop and rock influences, Faulkner and Chapman appear here as straight shooting traditionalists. The track list shows that they have a deeply-honed understanding of their audience...

1. Killing You Softly (With Our Song) 2. In the Final Dialysis 3. Brothers are Doin' for Themselves 4. He's not Crazy, He's my Brother 5. We Be Secret Mobbin' 6. Straight Out of Colorado 7. Me and Osama McGee 8. Knights in Camouflage Satin 9. A Bad Man is Good to Find 10. I Came in Through The Bathroom Window 11. Smells Like Vigilante Spirit 12. Funky Pakistan

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