Dumb crime of the day: When robbers can't crack bank vault, they steal janitor's wallet and truck

Here's guessing that two lugs currently wanted by the Weld County Sheriff's Office won't be getting a membership invite from Mensa anytime soon.

True, they were smart enough to get inside a Keenesburg bank. Problem was, they couldn't figure out how to get any money out, leaving them to terrorize an elderly janitor instead.

Here's the skinny according to WCSO Deputy Shane Scofield.

Two goons overpowered the 75-year-old janitor at the Colorado East Bank, 550 E. Woodward, as he opened the back door to dump some trash, then forced him back into the bank. But they had no luck getting inside the vault -- so they demanded the janitor's wallet, as well as the keys to his white Sonoma pickup, which they left on a frontage road one mile east of Keenesburg.

The suspects are described as being white males between five-feet-five and five-feet-eight inches in height, and between 125 and 135 pounds. One wore a stocking cap and bandanna, the other rocked a backwards baseball cap and a nylon stocking over his head.

Anyone with info can contact Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS or Weld County Sheriff's Office at 970-356-4015. In the meantime, look below at these two surveillance shots:

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