Dylan Eason's Dad Wants Death for Son Accused of Killing Stepmom

We're accustomed to hearing about people pleading for mercy on behalf of family members accused of terrible crimes.

Take the case of Brendan Johnson, whose mother launched a campaign to save him from the death penalty even though he was accused of killing her parents, Charles and Shirley Severance.

But the dynamic is different for nineteen-year-old Dylan Eason, who allegedly murdered his stepmother, Dr. Cynthia Campbell Eason, a Burlington veterinarian, in league with an accomplice, Isaiah Churchwell, 24.

Jon Eason, Dylan's dad, reportedly thinks the death penalty is the appropriate penalty for both men, including his son.

Cynthia has multiple Facebook pages featuring photos of her with animals, including this one....

...and this one.... well as numerous portraits.

We also found one photo on her page that appears to feature Dylan Eason. It was posted in March 2015 along with a caption that reads, "One Christmas with all the cousins." We've disguised the identities of the others in the shot.

As for Churchwell, his Facebook page's "About" section says he's from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and studied at Colorado State University-Pueblo before moving to Burlington.

His most recent job is listed as "contract labor/lead" for a construction company.

Churchwell's Facebook gallery includes plenty of photos, including this one....

...and this one.... a triumphant wrestling image from 2012.

The crime itself took place on the 1300 block of Jasmine Street in Burlington.

Thus far, the Burlington Police Department has released few specifics about what took place, including any hint about how Cynthia was killed.

We do know, however, that the investigation into Cynthia's death got under way on Friday afternoon, April 29.

Shortly thereafter, a tip came in that led investigators to Dylan and Isaiah Churchwell.

They were arrested later on the 29th on suspicion of first-degree murder, in addition to first-degree burglary, aggravated robbery and theft — with the latter offenses giving a possible hint about motive.

The men are currently being held without bond in Kit County Jail.

Afterward, Jon Eason, Cynthia's husband and Dylan's father, was interviewed by 9News.

He spoke lovingly about Cynthia — and he also told the station that he thinks death is the appropriate punishment for the taking of her life.

Look below to see full-size booking photos for Churchwell and Dylan Eason, as well as the aforementioned 9News piece.

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