Dynasty: Creator of sordid Denver-based soap opera announces plans to make movie prequel

The sex, scandal and shoulder pad-obsessed screenwriters who brought you Dynasty are bringing you Dynasty again: Creator Richard Shapiro announced this week that he plans to make a movie prequel to the sordid '80s series set in the 1960s, à la Mad Men.

The series allegedly took place in Denver, but the exploits of the oil-rich but morally poor Carrington family were never filmed here. Will the movie shun the Mile High City as well?

There's no word on that yet, but Shapiro has outlined the basic plot: "It's how young Blake (Dynasty's patriarch) doesn't realize he's the son of Tom Carrington, but then he finds himself at the head of this company and surrounded by assassins and people who want to do him in," he told E! Online.

Whatever the storyline, we hope it includes lots of cat fights, dramatic music and witty dialogue about caviar. Some bloggers have expressed pause about changing the era from the '80s to the '60s; for without sparkly blouses, can there really be Dynasty? "They'd better keep the tone camp and the production values low, or I'm out," says fan and Guardian writer Julia Raeside on the newspaper's TV & Radio Blog. "If it's not wearing floor-length sequins and puffing on a cheroot, I don't care."

For good measure, here's a circa-1983 Dynasty clip that doesn't include any sequins or cheroot-puffing, but does include a cat fight in a lily pond and plenty of sass.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "John Forsythe, aka Blake Carrington, RIP -- and ditto for Denver's glamour days."

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