Easy Rider sticker bomb sensitively defaces federal property: Kenny Be's Sign Language

In the photograph above, the sticker depicting Captain America's helmet from the movie Easy Rider is placed over the letter "O" in the word "NO" on a federal government "NO TRESPASSING" sign in a manner that sensitively captures the movie's exploration of freedom, fear and lawlessness of the American cultural landscape... The stickers plastered onto the "NO TRESPASSING" sign pictured above are both a federal offense and an expression of personal freedom. The use of the Easy Rider helmet sticker to perform such a lawless act echos the sentiments of the characters in the iconographic movie.

While attempting to eat in a small Louisiana restaurant, George (Jack Nicholson), Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) are chased out of town. Later, while camping without a permit, the events of the day cause George to observe that Americans talk a lot about freedom, but actually detest anyone who truly exhibits any.

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