Eight Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Protesters at GOP Presidential Debate

With Halloween just days away, there's no time like the present to make sure your costume is planned and ready. But in case you're still searching for last-minute costume ideas, there was plenty of inspiration to be found among protesters outside of yesterday's GOP presidential debate in Boulder. Throughout the day, we saw some really crazy outfits. Here are eight of them that would make great Halloween costumes: 

8) The Jokers
Who were actually undercover Bernie Sanders supporters.

7) The Drug Lord
She also called herself "Tangerine Haze."
6) "PropaGandalf"
When 2016 presidential politics meets Lord of the Rings.
5) Donald "Grump"
Who never seemed to smile much.

4) The Revolutionaries
Who came on behalf of MEChA to support the immigration rally, and say their uniforms represent the legacy of the Chicano movement. No reason you shouldn't push for a good political cause on Halloween, too. 

3) The Clown Squad
With five different designs to choose from. These Boulder residents say they came to "join the clown show."

2) Hydrogen Man
No, the "H" is not for Hillary. This protester wanted to make a statement about climate change and green energy.

1) Paper-Mache Donald
Which really captured the Donald's larger-than-life persona.
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