Election 2020: More of Your (Non-Issue) Voting Questions Answered

Election 2020: More of Your (Non-Issue) Voting Questions Answered
Denver Elections Division
Close to 1.3 million Coloradans have voted so far, but others are stymied by questions involving not just who and what to vote for, but how to vote.

As the November 3 election draws closer, we're collecting your questions and searching for answers. Here are three more queries that we sent to Betsy Hart, communications director for the Colorado Secretary of State's Office:
Q: Do I have to vote for everything on the ballot? The bossy wording at the end (above) makes it seem like that.

A: No, you do not have to vote on everything on the ballot.

What happens if I sign my ballot differently than the way my name is printed on the ballot? (I signed my middle initial, not my middle name, which I saw was there too late.)

If your ballot is identified as having a signature discrepancy, you will be notified within three days (but no later than two days after the election) by your county clerk of your opportunity to cure your ballot. You have until November 12 this year to cure your ballot and ensure it is counted.

Please see the new innovation our office rolled out called TXT2Cure, allowing voters to cure their ballot using their smartphones.
Q: Can any Colorado voter trace their ballot through BallotTrax?

A: This year, any voter in Colorado can trace the progress of their ballot.

"I'm happy to announce that, for the first time, every Colorado voter will have access to ballot tracking, to be able to see when ballots are sent to when they are processed," said Secretary of State Jena Griswold in announcing the statewide rollout of BallotTrax on September 14.

Prior to that rollout, twelve counties were already using BallotTrax; Denver uses its own system, BallotTrace.

Voters who want to trace the status of their ballot can sign up at colorado.ballottrax.net.

Have a question about voting? Send it to editorial@westword.com, and we'll try to get an answer. In the meantime, you can also check the Colorado Secretary of State's election page or the Denver Elections Division.
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