Elitch Gardens skeletons echo fire department's parking warning: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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The skeletons hanging from the gallows pictured above are just a few of the curious remnants that are stored in Elitch's back lot at the base of the Mister Twister 2 roller coaster. They look to be parked well over fifty feet from the parking restriction sign featured in the previous picture. The bleached bones really pick up the bright light of a Denver winter sunset.

Scattered throughout this wedge-shaped weed patch is an inventory of leisure's lonesome leftovers. Broken ride parts, metal-shelter frames and forgotten Halloween amusements can easily be seen by passersby on the adjoining South Platte River bike path. The bike path follows the amusement park's property fence for about a quarter-mile down to the Broncos Bridge.

At Invesco Field, the bike path connects up with a pedestrian promenade that follows the west side of Interstate 25. This landscaped walkway is always lined with photographers, especially during winter sunsets. Look below to see what they are trying to capture.
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