Elitch Gardens will end the summer with a bang on Sunday night

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When Elitch Gardens Amusement Park first moved downtown, it planned daily fireworks displays -- until neighbors complained. Now, after sixteen years, Elitch Gardens finally has those nightly shows, and though it's had to scale back the pyrotechnics, it will end the summer season with a bang on Sunday night.

The fireworks show caps IGNIGHT, a light show that's been running on the main street of the park right before closing every night. That display was dialed down after neighbors complained that it was too disruptive, and so the "high-percussive" fireworks were eliminated.

But they'll be back Sunday night, when Elitch Gardens says it will put on the biggest and best show of the season at 9 p.m., as it celebrates the end of summer. (After this weekend, the park will only be open on weekends, culminating with a Halloween bash.) You can see the show from Elitch's, of course, but you should also be able to watch it from the bluffs overlooking the Platte Valley, as well as most LoDo and downtown decks.

And just in case any of those prudy-pants neighbors want to complain again, here's the word from the Denver Fire Department:

The park will also be celebrating the un-official end of summer with an amazing light show on Labor Day Weekend. All displays will begin at approximately 9:00 pm and last approximately 15 minutes...

We have thoroughly reviewed the plans for these pyrotechnics displays, including visiting the site in the company of the professional, licensed pyrotechnics technician. We have determined that all safety margins are in order, including separation distance from spectators to mortar areas, use of listed firing equipment and aerial shells, and an adequately large secured area for the number and size of the shells to be used. Our regulations and inspection procedures address current pyro technics technology and further enhance the safety of fireworks displays for spectators and employees. On the days of the display, technicians will be on hand to inspect the setup and supervise the display from beginning to end, with a fire apparatus present in the designated drop zone.

For nearly three decades, City ordinance has permitted public displays of fireworks by professional pyrotechnicians operating under tight regulation and close supervision of the Fire Department in an effort to deter the use of illegal fireworks and reduce the awful tolls of injury, death and damage caused by illegal fireworks.

So get out your earplugs, grab a seat and enjoy the show at 9 p.m. Sunday.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.