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Elvis Dumervil: No charges for Bronco in alleged armed road rage incident

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Last month, Denver Broncos star defender Elvis Dumervil was arrested in Miami after what was portrayed as an armed road-rage incident. Dumervil responded by retaining the legal services of Harvey Steinberg, an attorney with a seemingly magic touch when it comes to getting pro footballers out of trouble -- and he's managed to do so again. Today, we've learned that Dumervil won't be charged.

In July, as we noted in our previous coverage, Dumervil and his companion, Andy Auguste, were reportedly caravaning in separate vehicles -- Auguste out front in a Mercedes, Dumervil trailing in a Range Rover. But they weren't making much time thanks to a traffic jam.

Then, a white Impala driven by Kristine Ramirez merged between the two vehicles. According to a police report cited by ESPN, her action led to horn-blowing and name-calling, after which Auguste stepped out of his vehicle and hiked his shirt to reveal that he was strapped.

Witnesseses added that Dumervil did likewise, although he didn't seem to say anything to Ramirez and was otherwise considerably less aggressive than was his buddy.

Police were summoned shortly thereafter, and when they arrived, Dumervil and Auguste were still in gridlock. The report says Dumervil, who was ordered out of his car and handcuffed, initially denied that he had a gun in his car, but one was soon found in his glove compartment. A weapon was also located on the floor of Auguste's Mercedes.

After the arrest, one local blogger suggested that the bust looked like, in his words, "a black thing," while other social-media commentators saw it as yet another example of thuggishness of the sort that's all too common in professional sports these days. But the most prescient tweet was this one:

Steinberg, as you'll recall, is the man who recently helped ex-Bronco Perrish Cox skate on sexual assault allegations made against him by a woman he impregnated. (In June, the woman filed a civil suit against Cox and current Bronco Demaryius Thomas.) After springing Dumervil on a $7,500 bond, Steinberg issued the following statement to ESPN's Adam Schefter: "No charges have been filed. No aggravated assault or assault took place. And it is likely that once the full investigation is complete, no charges will be filed against Mr. Dumervil."

Correct. The Denver Post reports that the Miami-Dade state's attorney has chosen not to file against Dumervil. No explanation of why not, but the Post cites sources close to the player, who say he hadn't actually packed heat and neither the gun nor the Range Rover belonged to him.

There's still the possibility that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with hit Dumervil with a suspension simply for putting himself in this position; note that Brandon Marshall missed three games in 2008 even though he was acquitted of domestic violence in the highest profile accusation against him at the time. But don't bet on it. Dumervil has one previous arrest on his record -- a 2010 DUI. But at least thus far, he hasn't proven to be a chronic scofflaw like Marshall. As such, the only souvenir from this incident Dumervil is apt to receive is the quite-pleasant mug shot seen here in a full-size version.

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