Elway's chef gets grilled at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge: Kenny Be's Bike Crazy Denver

All of the beautiful people of Colorado will be in Denver this weekend to watch the finals of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Handsome and hungry spectators along the five-mile Speer Boulevard circuit will be happy to see Elway's bike-crazy executive sous chef Aniedra Nichols... As shown in the illustration above, Aniedra Nichols will be grilling, and thrilling, the crowds on her modified street bike. Race organizers are warning spectators and vendors alike that the big bike festival will be a "full road closure event," and auto traffic will not be able to pass. Bike routes will still be open, and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge festival at Civic Center Park will best be accessed by bike.

Therefore, the handlebar basket of Aniedra's bike has been replaced with a small barbecue grill in an effort to serve bike-crazy spectators with the grilled meats and vegetables that they love. Aniedra will also be sporting a cooler full of delicious little nibbly bits for smaller appetites and more refined tastes.

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