Emi Coleman's sentence for neck biting sucks -- for her

Last November, as the hype engine for the latest Twilight movie was running at full tilt, Emi Coleman got downright vampiric, chomping on the necks of not one but two people at a convenience store.

Now she's been sentenced, and while the law's bite certainly could have been harder, that won't make completing her punishment suck any less.

According to the Denver Police Department, as we originally reported in the post linked above, a woman subsequently identified as Coleman stopped by the Barn Store, at 4650 Tower Road, around 10:30 p.m. on November 7. Surveillance photos like this one... ... and especially this one... ... hardly made her look threatening. And maybe she was just trying to be super-friendly when she groped a male customer before biting his neck. Then Coleman, termed a semi-regular at the store, approached the on-duty clerk, a female, and asked for a hug, which she supplemented by sinking her teeth into the employee's neck, too.

The clerk reportedly thought she'd come out of this encounter unscathed, since fabric from her blue hoodie was between her flesh and Coleman's choppers. But she was wrong: Coleman still managed to leave quite a mark before leaving the store with a white male companion in a dark sedan.

The story was manna from heaven (or maybe hell) for our friends at 9News, whose report about the incident, on view below, featured references to Count Dracula, Twilight and True Blood in quick succession. But it was considerably less amusing for Coleman, who was arrested for investigation of unlawful sexual conduct and two counts of third-degree assault.

Cut to yesterday, when Coleman pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. Her punishment? One year of supervised probation that includes a thirty-day jolt in Denver County Jail and sixty days of in-home detention. In addition, she'll receive treatment related to drugs, alcohol, mental health and anger management.

Meanwhile, the countdown to the next Twilight movie has already started. Coleman would probably be better off skipping it -- and the same goes for the rest of us.

Here's the 9News report from last year.

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