Emily Anderson admits trying to beat her boyfriend to death with a table leg

In a booking photo provided to the press by the Eagle County District Attorney's Office, Emily Anderson looks friendly, charming and benign.

But she apparently has another side to her personality -- one that came out last year, when she nearly beat her boyfriend to death using a table leg.

Anderson originally pleaded not guilty, but she's now reversed course, admitting to the crime. Get more details below.

Anderson hails from Bond, whose Wikipedia page puts its modest size in perspective when describing it as "an unincorporated community and U.S. Post Office in Eagle County."

On the evening of last April 27, according to the Eagle County DA's office, friends of Anderson's long-term boyfriend (they were an item for three years) found him lying in a pool of his own blood at his home.

Eagle County Sheriff's deputies were soon dispatched by a 911 operator, and upon their arrival at the scene, they found the man in bad shape. He's said to have suffered a large wound to his head that caused him to lose consciousness, and after being rushed to an area hospital, he was diagnosed with a skull fracture, intra-cerebral bleeding and multiple lacerations to his scalp and face that required stitches and staples.

As a bonus, he also boasted a fractured ulna -- a bone in his forearm.

It didn't take long for law enforcers to suss out the weapon used to cause this damage: Deputies discovered a disconnected table leg with blood on it. Investigators subsequently surmised that Anderson had started a fight that she'd ended in an especially violent way.

Anderson was found the next day, then jailed on a $25,000 bond that kept her behind bars for months.

In August, she appeared at a preliminary hearing, where the DA's office made its case for a hefty number of counts: attempted first-degree murder, felony assault with a deadly weapon causing bodily injury, trespassing and a couple crime-of-violence sentencing enhancers.

A statement from DA Bruce Brown makes it clear that his office saw the matter as a priority. "Through her alleged actions, Ms. Anderson showed very obvious malice, and a clear disregard for the well-being of the victim, not only by inflicting such serious wounds, but then by leaving the scene and later refusing to cooperate with authorities," he said, adding, "Our office is prepared to pursue these charges since she has refused to make any admission of guilt."

After the judge determined there was probable cause in the case, Anderson bore out this last claim by pleading not guilty. However, she's now made a deal. The Vail Daily reports that she's offered a guilty plea on an attempted second-degree murder beef -- a lesser charge, but one that still boasts a maximum penalty of twelve years.

She'll find out how much time she'll be expected to serve on March 6. Here's a larger look at her booking photo.

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