Erin Maison-Everhart: Negligent child abuse charge in two year old's Oxycodone death

The photo seen to the right of two-year-old Annalise Maison-Chavez pictures an absolutely adorable child smiling for the camera. Unfortunately, though, the shot is from Annalise's obituary. The Broomfield girl died in February -- and now, her mother has been formally charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death. The reason has everything to do with the reason for Annalise's demise: Oxycodone toxicity.

During the early evening of February 18, according to police reports cited by the Boulder Daily Camera, Broomfield police and rescue personal rushed to Coral Way home where Annalise lived with her mom, Erin Maison-Everhart. The report notes that Annalise was "pale blue in color and did not display any signs of life."

Suspicion immediately fell on medications left within the child's reach. Maison-Everhart insisted that she kept her pills in a safe place, but in a search of her home a couple of weeks later, investigators found a bag filled with sealed medication bottles left on the floor of a bedroom closet in the basement, plus more in a dresser and a purse hanging from it.

Among the meds was Oxycodone -- and that's what appears to have killed Annalise. As noted by the Camera, the Adams County coroner determined that she had 1,702 nanograms of the substance in her system at the time of her death. The typical dose: ten to 100 nanograms.

Maison-Everhart is due in court on October 5.

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