Schmuck of the Week

Ernesto Castanuela & Kimberly Nunez learn it's shmucky to break into cars during funerals

Breaking into cars during festivals or concerts is nothing new: petty thieves know they have a nice window of time to smash-and-grab and a lot of vehicles to choose from. But during church services? And funerals? That's pretty low.

On Saturday, Greeley police arrested two people, Ernesto J. Castanuela, thirty, of Platteville, and Kimberly Nunez, 31, of Greeley, and accused them of breaking into a car during a Greeley Grays baseball game. Police, who had been investigating a rash of car break-ins, said they had been watching the two people.

After serving two search warrants in relation to the suspects, the police said they discovered more than a hundred purses, wallets, laptop computers, iPods, cameras and other electronic devices, according to news reports.

Now the police are connecting the dots on a series of car break-ins in Greeley, Brighton, Platteville, Loveland, Windsor and Denver. The thefts occurred while car owners were at sporting events, church services, a funeral and at least one high school award party.

The auto-theft ring was hitting "anything where people would park a vehicle and leave it for a portion of time," Greeley police spokesman Sergeant Joe Tymkowych told 7News. "They weren't hitting shopping centers, because people are coming and going all the time."

Hopefully there will be extra security at the court house parking when the suspects in this case are arraigned.

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