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Evan Bynum ID'd as man killed by deputies in bizarre King Soopers shooting incident

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The man killed by Jeffco deputies in a strange Saturday incident has been identified as Evan Bynum, forty, a man whose online imprint offers few clues about the way his life would end.

Read on for details about his background, as well as information from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office about the events that led to gunfire and death.

According to JCSO spokeswoman Jacki Kelley, deputies were called to the King Soopers at 9800 West Belleview Avenue around 9:15 p.m. on Saturday. "People in the store indicated that he had a weapon in his back pocket," she says. In addition, the man later ID'd as Bynum was said to be talking to himself in a way that made the original caller nervous.

Upon their arrival, the responders located Bynum, but decided against approaching him in the store. Instead, Kelley says, "one deputy went in and kept an eye on him and the others stayed outside."

Upon Bynum's exit from the store, Kelley goes on, "he pulled his weapon -- and there was an exchange of gunfire between deputies and the suspect," with Bynum being hit. He was subsequently transported to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

By the way, a second weapon -- a handgun -- was found on Bynum's person after he was felled.

In all, three deputies fired their guns. They're currently on paid administrative leave pending a report from an investigatory unit known informally as the "shoot team" -- standard procedure after such matters, Kelley stresses.

At the time we spoke with Kelley, she didn't know if Bynum had a concealed carry permit that would have authorized him to carry the weapons legally. Neither did she have information about any prior criminal history. The shoot team will be exploring those questions, she said, plus at least one more: Why did Bynum react as he did?

Answers are tough to come by online.

Continue to read more about the death of Evan Bynum. Public records show that Bynum most recently lived at an address on Saratoga Place in south Jeffco, with his previous residence listed as Fort Collins. The latter is noted in his Amazon.com profile, which reads:

I am a senior software developer at CyberCrop.com. Check out the website for more info. But that's just a job: here's what I'm *really* about:

I have lived in Fort Collins, CO for 6+ years. I have a house occupied primarily by two Siberian huskies who readily suffer my doting ministrations as long as food and exercise are both copiously available. I have developed a passion for ice hockey (go Avs!) as well as for gourmet cooking. I'm between projection TVs at the moment, so the thunderous and majestic inner sanctum that was my home theater now lies in ruins, waiting to be rebuilt into a widescreen palace resonating with DTS-ES 6.1 sonority.

By the way, the CyberCrop.com site mentioned above appears to be offline -- but it's described by QualiStream.com as a place "where grain producers can check real-time local cash bids, sell their grain online 24 hours a day and get the latest agricultural news, weather, market quotes, and analysis."

In addition, Bynum had a YouTube channel to which he had not uploaded any videos and a Twitter account with only three tweets. The most recent, from September, ends with a line that resonates ominously given what happened this past weekend:

Look below to see a 7News report about the shooting.

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