Everything You Need to Know About Boulder in Under a Minute

Despite their good intentions and generally harmless nature, hippies are natural targets of ridicule and scorn. Maybe it's the poor hygiene, or the overly familiar way they call everyone "bro" or the fact they walk around in a drugged-out stupor all the time?

No, it's all of that and a whole lot more. This short but sweet video that pretty much nails the lifestyle and habits of Boulder's large Trustafarian population, highlighting all the reasons the patchouli army attracts such a shitstorm of negative attention. Yes, they're harmless but damn, they're also hilarious.

It was made by these guys, who are traveling the U.S. on scooters and documenting the experience -- their video page has some more serious documentary-style videos covering their travels, several of them about places in Colorado. -- Cory Casciato

[Via Metroblogging Denver]

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