Ex-Channel 2 Anchor Becomes Crime Victim While Getting Out of Denver

A portrait of Keagan Harsha and a photo of the stolen U-Haul shared by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.
A portrait of Keagan Harsha and a photo of the stolen U-Haul shared by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. KTVQ/Arapahoe County Sheriff
Broadcasters have been leaving Denver television station jobs at an unprecedented pace this year. But none has made a more unusual exit than former Channel 2 anchor Keagan Harsha, whose possessions were swiped just before he could hit the road. And while the rental truck that contained his stuff has been found, not all of his belongings were recovered.

There's always been a lot of personnel movement at TV outlets in the Mile High City. But this year saw an unusual number of departures, and many of those exiting have either left the journalism industry entirely or struck out on their own. For example, Fox31/Channel 2 personality Natalie Tysdal launched her own branded network on YouTube and beyond; 9News forecaster Becky Ditchfield is now focusing on her family and related matters; 9News's Ryan Haarer went from reporter to real estate expert; Fox31 favorite (and former Denver Broncos cheerleader) Sam Boik jumped to Littleton's Pivot Lending Group, a major credit-union mortgage origination company; veteran Channel 2 forecaster Matt Makens founded his own weather-related website; and 9News reporter/anchor Liz Kotalik took a PR job with Bonanno Concepts, a powerhouse restaurant group.

But Harsha, who anchored for Channel 2 and sister station Fox31 for the past half-dozen years, is remaining in the television-news business. In July, KTVQ in Billings, Montana, announced that Harsha, a native of the state, had been hired as that station's news director. "We all know there is something very special about Montana and the people who call it home," Harsha said in a statement announcing the move. "After spending the past seventeen years in television markets across the country, I am thrilled to be returning home to the state that I love. Montana is the place I was born and raised. It's where I attended college and met my wife, and it's where I began my career in television news.”

Earlier this month, Harsha officially bid farewell to Channel 2 and Fox31. But on August 22, he again reached out to viewers and others via his Twitter account.  "Needing help this morning," he tweeted. "Our 26 foot long U-Haul truck containing all of our belongings was stolen from a hotel parking lot last night. We stayed overnight and were planning to drive to Montana today. Look for Arizona plates AK25235." He added that the vehicle was stolen "near the I-25 and Dry Creek exit."

Less than 24 hours later, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office offered an update that began with an all-caps exclamation: "THE U-HAUL HAS BEEN FOUND! A woman spotted the truck in Aurora after seeing the description on the news. It was located near S. Telluride & E. Asbury at 9 a.m."

Overall, law enforcement officials considered this to be a "great outcome!" However, the ACSO acknowledged that "some of [the] belongings were taken, but not all," and the Aurora Police Department put out an alert asking that anyone with information about the crime and the missing items "send tips to @CrimeStoppersCO."

Harsha's not complaining. "Awesome news!" he tweeted. "Thanks to all of the wonderful folks at
@AuroraPD and @ArapahoeSO and for the hundreds of people who shared social media posts! Our family is grateful to all of you."

And undoubtedly happy to be getting out of Denver. Bet Montana looks even better about now.
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