The crowd at Civic Center July 3.
The crowd at Civic Center July 3.
Philip Poston

Expect Fireworks at Next Littlespottedhorse Family Gathering

Brenda Littlespottedhorse gets our nomination for Bad Babysitter of the year. Yesterday the 55-year-old was in Denver County Court to plead guilty to a charge of wrongs to a minor, a misdemeanor; she'd previously pleaded not guilty.

After the July 3 fireworks festivities in Civic Center Park, alert bystanders noticed a blonde toddler in a stroller — with no adult around. They contacted the Denver Police Department, which immediately started a hunt for the family, sending out a photo of the little blonde girl. The mother, who was out of state, contacted the DPD; her mother, Littlespottedhorse, was supposed to be watching the child, she said.

Littlespottedhorse was arrested on July 9 in Lakewood on a warrant for probation violation in South Dakota. She has not yet been sentenced in either case.

But the court of public opinion has already sentenced her to serve as Schmuck of the Week.

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