Farewell, Jack Kerouac

Kenny Be
It's time for Jack Kerouac to blow this cowtown again, to rush off into the good night. But instead of heading west to 'Frisco, Denver's favorite adopted son is moving on to summer in his real hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts.

This Saturday, March 31, is the last chance to catch Kerouac's mythic On the Road scroll before it says adios to the Denver Central Public Library, where it's been in residence since January 4. Slip up to the fifth floor and ogle the last sixty feet of the literary masterwork (the first sixty were displayed earlier this year), let old Denver flow through you as you read about Dean Moriarty -- otherwise known as Denver's favorite scoundrel, Neal Cassady -- as well as Champa Street and Five Points and Capitol Hill and Sonny Lawson Field and all of the other places that Kerouac left his indelible mark on.

We wish you well, son of ours, on the next step of your journey. May the top always be down, the wind always blow through your hair and the next adventure always appear on the horizon. — Amy Haimerl

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Amy Haimerl