Finding Dubya's Marbles

Given all the “yee haw!” that’s gone on in the White House since Texan George W. Bush took office in the year 2000, a roundup seems quite appropriate, and Rik Clay of 20/08 Productions in Boulder, is organizing just that.

The Great Marble Round-Up is a call to action for the generous return of what Clay believes are President Bush’s lost marbles. To participate, people can mail marbles to the White House using first-class mail on July 1, so that they will arrive together for the ease and convenience of retrieval by their rightful owner on July 4-6.

The goal of this “great humanitarian event” is to put Bush “in a state fit to go about his own affairs when he no longer resides at the White House,” according to Clay’s website, MissingPresident.com. The loser (of the marbles) will no doubt be thrilled at their reappearance and forever indebted to all participants.

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