Focus on the Family launches more anti-gay tirades

James Dobson's February decision to step down as chairman of Focus on the Family doesn't mean the organization is abandoning its ideological agenda. Indeed, his minions are as busy as ever attacking governmental actions that don't represent Focus on the Family values, including pretty much anything having to do with homosexual rights. Today's implementation of designated beneficiary agreements in Colorado, which grant unmarried couples -- including those whose partners are the same sex -- with many of the rights associated with marriage drew fiery condemnation from Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action, the outfit's political wing. Speaking in the Denver Post, he declared, "This is a backdoor incremental step towards legalizing same-sex marriage in this state." Egad!

Meanwhile, over at CitzenLink.org, Focus Action's main web component, the FOTF crew is aghast at President Barack Obama's speech this week to gay activists, including his support of hate-crimes legislation. Tom Minnery, the group's senior vice president of government and public policy, decries such a move, in part because of... potential liability for ministers? "Obviously, we are not in favor of anybody committing a violent crime against anybody for any reason," he says in a CitzenLink article on the topic. "But if it's a crime against a homosexual, an attorney could trace the inducement for the crime back to a sermon, then a pastor might be implicated in that crime. That is sinister. That directly violates the First Amendment. Churches ought to be free to preach the Gospel." Besides, adds "gender-issues analyst" Jeff Johnston, "Homosexuality is not at all like an ethnic or racial issue -- no one is 'born gay,' and men and women with same-sex attractions can change."

Eager for more "wisdom" like this? Check out a video of Minnery and cohort Stuart Shepard talking about the Obama get-together after the jump.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.