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Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Worst Thing About Colorado

John Oliver focusing on Colorado's Focus on the Family during the March 18 broadcast of Last Week Tonight.
John Oliver focusing on Colorado's Focus on the Family during the March 18 broadcast of Last Week Tonight. HBO via YouTube
John Oliver caught the ire of Focus on the Family, a religious group in Colorado Springs that advocates for such non-family-friendly things as gay conversion therapy, when the talk-show host mocked Vice President Mike Pence and his views on homosexuality on his March 18 edition of Last Week Tonight. Pence's wife and daughter are set to visit Focus this week to discuss their new book about the family's pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

After the Brit argued that Pence's association with FOTF reinforced the theory that he is a hypocritical homophobe, Focus hit back. President Jim Daly called Oliver "vulgar and vile."

But readers don't have much nice to say about FOFT, either. Pleads Nicole:
Oh, I wish Mr. Oliver would come here and lead a protest of sorts. Focus on the Family is one of the absolute worst things about my state!
Responds Christine: 
Agreed! He should come to Colorado for all the people who agree with the message he put out! The majority of our state is pretty progressive.
Martin explains:
Focus on the Family are a fascist cult. Insults from them are a badge of honor.
Paul adds:
I'm delighted to read that John Oliver has offended the organization that gave impetus to Colorado's infamous Amendment 2. Talk about "vile"...
Stephen says:
I fart in the general direction of #FOTF and #VPPence.
And Bill took action:
Speaking of focus on the family, I jumped on the Internet and ordered three copies of Oliver's book to give my great-nephews and nieces.
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