Follow that story: Homicide at sketchy former pot shop, Special Kinds

We're learning more about the homicide at the Arvada location of Special Kinds, a former pot shop (and a sketchy one at that). Police confirmed yesterday that the one-time dispensary's owner, 34-year-old Michael "SK" Walker, was shot and killed Monday night in what looks like a home invasion.

The phrase "home invasion" takes on particular importance here. Arvada police also announced that the address had never been a legal medical marijuana dispensary to begin with, as the duplex is and always has been in a residential area. And so Special Kinds was ordered to close last July by the city.

Police also announced two suspects: one skinny and one stocky, both black or Hispanic, and both about 5'8".

The police release stopped short of saying that marijuana was involved, but people nearby had no problem making the connection. Neighbors told the Denver Post and 7News that traffic never really stopped coming and going from the duplex, and several suspected that the occupants were still selling dirt weed.

I say dirt weed, because I saw it myself last June when I visited the shop in a filthy, cigarette smoke-stained house. And Walker had no problem admitting that he openly sold illegal South American brick weed.

"If you're buying brick weed, you aren't going to buy it from someone who is legal," he told me, adding that once a dispensary is in possession of it, the brick weed becomes legal medical marijuana. "They are breaking the law [bringing it in the country], but legally we can do it. I figure there are people who request it, so we might as well get it for those people so they can get it from somewhere safe instead of off the street."

But not that safe, apparently.

To read more, much more, about medical marijuana in this state, go to our Marijuana archives.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.