Fonzi to the Rescue

Sure, there are retrievers who fish kids out of raging streams and poodles who can dial 911. But for sheer canine heroism, it's tough to beat a German shepherd. Think RinTinTin.

Think Fonzi.

Local gadfly and erstwhile talk-show host Mike Zinna is best known for fanning flames of outrage over the less seemly doings of Jefferson County political leaders. But he's also a familiar sight to northwest Denver residents because of his constant (and hulking) companion, Fonzi, who's made frequent appearances on Zinna's website (www.coloradoexposed.com). For more on the man and the dog, see some of our past coverage of their clashes with county commissioners here and here.

Early this morning Fonzi managed to save his boss from some real heat. According to this account posted at the Rocky a little while ago, Fonzi woke up Zinna in the wee hours at their Umatilla Street domicile and called his attention to the blazing meth lab next door. Both got out safely.

Police are looking for the couple that rented the house, who took off with their one-year-old daughter. Zinna lives to crusade another day. And Fonzi, as usual, gets the glory. –- Alan Prendergast

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