Former Sniagrab champ takes the silver

Last Wednesday, we told you about the first tent to pop up outside the Sports Authority branch formerly known as the Gart sports castle a full ten days before the beginning of the annual ski sale known as Sniagrab. Shortly thereafter, the occupant of that temporary structure, Reba Stoner, received the profile treatment from the Denver Post for her intense devotion to discount gear, much to the chagrin of the man who's usually the initial person in line -- a man dubbed Joe the Crazy Scottish Ski Bum by former Westworder Adam Cayton-Holland in a 2006 column. Joe pretends to have animosity toward Reba, but in truth, they're a tight twosome. When I checked in yesterday afternoon, shortly after local cops had rousted a homeless man who tried to join the growing party ("It happens every year," Joe muses in his lovely U.K. lilt), he and Reba were sitting side-by-side on a sofa they'd set up opposite a TV set shielded from the sun by a strategically placed American flag. See them proudly showing off the numbers scrawled on the backs of their hands -- "1" and "2" -- in the photo on view after the jump.
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