Fort Collins and Boulder get fatty props in Gallup obesity study

Coloradans who read today's kill-joy piece in the Denver Post, which says one Coloradan dies every hour from cardiovascular disease, might be in need of a little pick-me-up.

And we've got just what the doctor ordered for Colorado's heavy-hearted health nuts. According to a recent Gallup poll, Colorado was the biggest winner in the competition for slimmest U.S. metro cities, with its four largest metro areas taking a huge bite out of the top ten ranking. California did likewise, but its four cities are lower on the list than all but one Colorado metropolis -- Denver.

Boulder, in all its healthy healthiness didn't take the organic, non-fat cake this time, though. Boulder still tops the overall well-being index published by Gallup, but when it comes to waist lines, Fort Collins, its northern foe, wins bragging rights.

Check out the index below.

According to the 2009 Gallup study, "America's 10 least obese metro areas boast an average obesity rate of 18.7 percent -- 15.1 percentage points lower than that of the nation's 10 most obese places and significantly better than the national average." Click here to check out how all 187 of the participating U.S. cities ranked.

As you might have guessed, healthy behaviors are common among the slimmest cities, which were ranked based on body mass index calculations from adults eighteen and up. Participants self reported height and weight.

And... it's almost dinnertime. Although if Boulder wants to beat Fort Collins next year, locals might want to skip the dessert.

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J. David McSwane
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