Fox News is just celebrating its fourteenth anniversary? Seems like it's been an eternity...

Sitting on their curvy coach this morning, the perky hosts of Fox & Friends noted that today marks the fourteenth birthday of Fox News.

Just fourteen years? Seems like Fox has always been there, kicking liberals and providing full employment for current and former Coloradans.

I dose myself with fifteen minutes of Fox & Friends every morning, to see what stories will reach the top of the right's agenda that day. I do the same with MSNBC, to balance out the left. Fox, though, is generally more entertaining -- and often stretches the truth further than the outfits of the female correspondents. (Where do they get those clingy dresses?)

And then there are those occasional cameos from ex-Coloradans, chief among them Bill O'Reilly, once an anchor on Channel 7; Karl Rove, who was born in Denver and cut his political chops during high school in Arvada; Dana Perino, the former White House spokeswoman whose father still owns a market here in Denver; Phil Keating, the irrepressible reporter who was once featured on KUSA; and Michelle Malkin, a relatively recent immigrant to Colorado.

Crazy like a Fox.

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