Fox News: trust issues

The forbidden entrance -- from the other side.

Walking down to the Pepsi Center, I came upon an open gate leading to Braun's, the restaurant that's been taken over by Fox News for the run of the Democratic National Convention. A reporter, accompanied by a staffer, was passing through it as I approached, and when I asked if that was the way in, he told me "yes." But when I tried to pass through, a security guard stopped me. Here's the dialogue that followed:

Guard: "Uh-uh. Can't go in this way."

Me: "That guy just told me I could."

Guard: "Which guy?"

Me: "A Fox reporter."

Guard (smiling): "Why would you trust a Fox reporter?"

I promised to mull over that question. Wonder if anybody else has the answer... -- Michael Roberts

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Joe Tone
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