Free taxi rides through New Year's Day courtesy of The Sawaya Law Firm

For the fourth year running, The Sawaya Law Firm will pick up the New Year's Eve tab on your cab ride home. They'll actually pay your fare tonight, as well -- the program started on December 23rd and goes until January 1.

How it works: You pay your cab driver and send the receipt and a copy of your driver's license (for proof of age) to:

Holiday Free Cab Ride Program at The Sawaya Law Firm 1600 Ogden St, Denver, CO, 80218.

You have to be within the Denver Metro area, there's a $35 limit, and the offer is only good for your ride home. And you have to be 21.

The Firm has been steadily expanding the offer to include other heavy-drinking holidays Halloween, Fourth of July and, for the first time this year, St. Patrick's day. So far, they've paid out somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000.

It's a hefty commitment, but firm owner Michael Sawaya is happy to pay. He lost a sister to a drunk driver when he was younger. "He doesn't want any families to go through that," says firm employee Jackie Wolz.

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