The Block Is Hot! Ten Stories About Neighborhood Issues in Denver

The Block Is Hot! Ten Stories About Neighborhood Issues in Denver
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Tuesday, April 4, marks the return of street sweeping in Denver, that glorious time of year where we might as well all budget for the inevitable tickets that will come after we forget to move our cars to make way for sweepers. It's a headache any neighborhood in Denver can relate to. But each 'hood is dealing with its own triumphs and tragedies, some of which we've highlighted in recent stories. Keep reading for more on neighborhood art, gang-related crime and neighborhood acronyms and bars.
1. Denver Collected Nearly $7 Million From Street-Sweeping Tickets: Was It Worth It?
Sarah McGill
2. The Capitol Hill Tavern Serves the Neighborhood From a 118-Year-Old Mansion
Charlie Roy Photography (left)/Josie Villalobos (right)
3. The Brave Coalition Forms After Post-Election Vandalism at Elementary School
Danielle Lirette
4. Name Game: Here's the Lowdown on the LoHi Nickname
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5. More Awful Options for Denver Neighborhood Acronyms

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